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Currently we are the largest growers of the castor tree with over 82,000 trees, which is approximately over 40 acres and still expanding within the Caribbean. We have a very diverse range of the castor species, ranging from the Chinese variety to that of the Jamaican. Each tree is naturally grown,nutured to perfection and of which the seeds are carefully harvested for your order specifications.

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Scotch Bonnet Peppers

Our Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Peppers are of the finest quality produced. Affectionately known as "Scotchy" or "Scotch",each pepper fruit has the authentic "cup and saucer" shape, of which Jamaican peppers are well known and sought after for. The peppers are packed with flavuor and heat and are great to create flavourful foods, sauces or as additives. These peppers are known to be the heart of the Jamaican culinary culture and represents one of the true essences of the Jamaican heritage.

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Sweet Peppers

We are currently growing two varieties of sweet peppers on our farm in St.Catherine namely the Lexington and the California Red varieties. Presently we are supplying supermarkets, caterers , processors and higglers each week with this produce. We see a future in growing this crop and looking forward to both exporting it and going down the value added chain with it.

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Sweet Potatoes

At present we have only five acres under production with the intention of increasing this to over forty acres as we are about to enter into negotiations for overseas supplies. Caterers, supermarkets and manufacturers are the main target groups for our produce at this time but the overseas markets are vast and we would like to get into supplying these markets profitable. Naturally grown and harvested, the variety that we produce is called the Yellow belly which is best known for its red skin, sweet taste and its "stringy free" texture.

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Moringa Oliefera

There is a rage on for the Moringa plant and its bi-products. An extensive study and research done by Jed W. Fahey who runs the Phytochemistry Laboritories at the St.John Hopkins Medical School is at the centre of this rage. See

Presently we have 2000 trees and we are projecting to grow over 10,000 trees within the near future at our farm in Clarendon. It is our intention to use all parts of the tree in the production of teas, oils and other products for sale in both the domestic and international markets.

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