Our Team

Managing Partner 

Richard Harris FMT. Bsc. MBA

Richard Harris brings to Shavuot Farms a wealth of over 21 years of experience in corporate Jamaica at a senior management level, of which 5 of those years were in manufacturing and operations management with remaining 16 years in the agro business sector. He also specialized in the areas of project managment and strategic planning and as such naturally functions within the scope and oversight of production and strategic managment for Shavuot Farms. His Vision for this company is for it to become a global market leader in the agro business sector.

 "If you want your dreams to be realized, you must first wake up",  "Great people make a great company" - Richard Harris

Marketing Partner

Joel Harris Bsc.

Graduated with a Bachelors of Science in management and specialising in marketing at the prestined University of the West Indies. He functions within the scope and oversight for the image,product, market development and sales of the company, while knowing how to meet consumer demands efectively. His area of expertise is to explore all types of potential target markets and see how Shavuot Farms and its diversified brands can thrive profitable. His Vision for this company is to see it grow to become a global market leader by sharing the vision of Shavuot.

"I extend a warm welcome to all and encourage you to journey with us as we power through to Success" - Joel Harris