We believe in sustainable growth and as such aim to not only satisfy our customers through innovation profitably but also aim to invest within the surrounding communities in which Shavuot Farms conducts its operations. Shavuot Farms aims to be differentiated by the way it operates both on a local and a global economic scale, through the supply of all natural, non-genetically modified materials, its ability to diversify its operations and the capacity to provide additional employment and empowerment in communities. At foremost we are always market driven but also environmentally conscious as we meet the rising demands with our unique natural solutions. Shavuot Farms has aligned itself with the best professionals within their respective fields so as to break down our production into an exact science of researching, analysing, developing and implementing the state of the art techniques and practices in which to gain successful yields to satisfy our growing demands. We believe in delivering premium quality and all natural products to service our markets. We aim to continue to grow our partnerships and distribution over the coming years so as to be able to continue to create a larger impact.

Corporate Responsibility

To both our consumers and suppliers we aim to integrate you as much as possible into how we operate our business. This is done in order to create a communicative interaction, accountability and total transparency amongst both our partners and customers. Shavuot Farms believes in repeatable success and as such adhere to strict guidelines and regulations.


Our Farmers that provide us with additional produce are highly valued and they adhere to our strict protocols of agricultural practices so as to maintain the Shavuot standard of quality. They also have access to additional informational resources and expertise. We consistently have both dialogue and physical interaction with our farmers and their farms to ensure the highest quality is provided.



 It is our belief that the "customer is king" and as such we exist for them. In doing so we will provide products profitable of the highest natural quality in a timely manner in meeting or exceeding thier expectations. Satisfying our customers will ensure that as an enterprise we will not only remain in business but thrive and expand.


Social Responsibility

As a growing enterprise we have an interest into the development of communities that experience low economic and social stability. In interacting with such communities, through our involvement we believe that we can empower its members by creating job opportunities and training for the betterment of individual lives.